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Discover Takasaki

Discover Takasaki

In this month’s newsletter, we are featuring ‘Takasaki‘ in Gunma Prefecture, Japan.

Takasaki City is only 50 minutes north of Tokyo and is known to be the home to the Daruma Doll. It is also known for Mt. Haruna and Lake Haruna.

In Takasaki city, you may also notice the 41.8-meter-high Byakue Kannon on a hilltop where Jigenin Temple is.

Takasaki city is a popular travel hub with Jyoetsu & Hokuriku Shinkansen stopping and several other local train lines passing through JR Takasaki Station.

Nearby Tokyo

Meets Takasaki

Takasaki City Tourism Staff Mr Oshima

Special Interview Article

This month we went to Takasaki’s Tourism Department for a friendly chat with Tsubasa Ohshima san and Shota Takeuchi san, to learn everything about this lovely city.

They shared with us what Takasaki is famous for: its famous festivals, its natural attractions, and delicious dishes.

GREEN Getaways:
Discovering Mt. Haruna's Vegan Delights and Natural Wonders

A view of Lake Haruna in Takasaki City

I am a travel enthusiast always on the lookout for hidden gems, and I get even more excited when I can combine my travels with sustainability.

These are the highlights of the sustainable vegan tour to Takasaki city, which I joined with 3 other fellow vegans.

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