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Area Overview

Nasu town is a popular destination for nature lovers in Japan. Just a short 3 hours drive from Tokyo and you will find yourself surrounded by lush forests, volcanic mountains, flower parks and hot springs. Of course, there are plenty of activities to do and places to visit!

Enjoy soaking and relaxing in a traditional Onsen (hot spring), visit local farms & ranches or why not spend some time at an Art Museum? It is also a great place for winter sports and offers fantastic food experiences! 

Local Experience

A Day trip to Nasu!

Visiting Nasu, in Tochigi Prefecture is a great day trip from Tokyo and another hidden-gem to add to your travel list! With its rich history and legends (have you heard of the “Killing Stone”?) there is so much to explore, so I was excited to make my way north.

I personally love Japanese Onsen and am always extremely excited when I get a chance to visit one. Plus I heard about the great view from the top of the Ropeway platform, so I was eager to see it… 

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Cindy B.

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Nasu Ropeway

Local Knowledge

Legends of Nasu


Japan is a land full of fables and tales, some beautiful and uplifting, others dark and mysterious. They are often connected to legendary figures in history, godly animals and spirits roaming the land. 

There are two legends being told in Nasu, one of a murderous stone the “Sessho-Seki” and another one of deer being miraculously healed…

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Nasu Killing Stone

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