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In this month’s newsletter, we are featuring ‘Minakami Town’ in Gunma Prefecture, Japan.

Minakami Town offers a captivating urban escape, just an hour from Tokyo.

It is known for stunning landscapes and thrilling activities. Many visitors come to enjoy canyoning & rafting in the summer, skiing & snowboarding in the winter, or hiking during the picturesque spring and autumn.

Cultural activities are also popular. For example at Takumi no Sato, visitors can try to make traditional washi paper or paint Japanese masks.

Boasting 18 hot spring sources, Minakami is also a well known hot spring destination which can provide the perfect relaxation at the end of a day. 

Nearby Tokyo

Meets Minakami

Special Interview Article

This month we went to Minakami City’s Tourism Office for a friendly chat with Fujino Yukie san, to learn everything about this very energetic city.

She shared with us what Minakami is famous for, including the best spots to visit, what to taste, its famous festival, and what to buy as souvenirs.

Getting around

The Minakami Area Bus Pass

Minakami Area Pass Bus

The Minakami Bus Area Pass is a fantastic ticket designed to make your travels in Minakami seamless and enjoyable.

The Pass gives you 3 consecutive days of unlimited access to designated local bus routes within the Minakami area, allowing you to explore at your own pace. 

 With this Pass, you can easily hop on and hop off local buses within the designated route, without caring about purchasing individual tickets.

It’s cost-efficient, time-saving, and convenient, especially if you plan to visit several Minakami places.

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