Map Of Activities Nearby Tokyo

Your travel guide to nearby Tokyo when visiting Japan

  • 2015-01-16

Your travel guide to Nearby Tokyo — Where ‘Nature & Culture’ becomes an EXPERIENCE — OaraiOarai Town is the perfect day trip from Tokyo if you love the seaside! Try the local seafood and sake or go surfing and enjoy the beach.Read more here MashikoMashiko town is a popular destination for travelers looking for an authentic Japanese countryside experience. Famous for Mashiko pottery.Read more here TochigiTochigi City is a popular destination to visit on their way to Nikko. Visitors can enjoy many Edo period traditional activities.Read more here Nasu TownNasu town is an area 2 hours from Tokyo that includes volcanic mountains, hot springs, numerous outdoor activities, and many small museums.Read more here UtsunomiyaUtsunomiya City is an undiscovered destination located between Tokyo and Nikko. Famous for Night life, Gyoza, Jazz, Cocktails and more.Read more here SanoAt 1.5 hours from Tokyo, Sano city is a useful hub for traveling around by car. It's known for Ramen (Sano Ramen), outlet mall and…

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