Discover Mashiko

Discover Mashiko – Enjoy an authentic countryside nearby Tokyo

  • 2021-07-19

Discover Mashiko authentic countryside nearby Tokyo Contact us Visited by... What to do in Mashiko Create your own mashiko pottery As a famous pottery town, Mashiko has more than 200 pottery studios. As well as finding a nice souvenir, visitors can also give the wheel a spin and make their trip to Japan more special. Find Pottery Studios Experience the local drink (Sake) Mashiko boasts their very own Sake brewery. Founded nearly 100 years ago, Tonoike Sake Brewery is a multi-award-winning sake brewery which is visitor-friendly and a fun place to stop by. Learn about the brewery Explore the Mashiko countryside Why not hire a bicycle from the several bike spots around town? Spring and autumn are wonderful times to bike through the hills and fields on one of our town's power-assisted bicycles.  Getting around Mashiko Discover local culture Why not learn the history and art of pottery? Several museums showcase Mashiko's unique pottery culture and the 100-year-history with the…

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