Shimazaki Sake Brewery in Nasukarasuyama nearby Tokyo

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Widely-known as ‘The Cave Brewery,’ Shimazaki Sake Brewery has two main attractions. First, is the main brewery where sake is made and sold. The second is the nearby cave. Dug by hand during WWII, the cave is where the IWC Trophy award-winning sake, Uroko, is aged. Book a tour and come enjoy a sake tasting in our VIP tasting room!

About Us

Established in 1849, Shimazaki Sake Brewery has a long history of brewing sake in the countryside of Nasu-Karasuyama near the Nakagawa river. Known in Japan as the The Cave Brewery, Shimazaki Sake Brewery is famous for its award-winning Koshu, aged in a cave that was dug by hand during WWII.


Have a look at the brewery layout and listen as our audio guides tell you about the different locations inside the brewery.

The Cave (SPOT 1)

At first, sake was aged in the basement of the sake brewery. However, in 1999 the brewery built an area in the cave for aging sake, which has become a popular attraction.

The Store (Spot 2)

Visit the shop in Shimazaki Sake Brewery to purchase different types of sake you can only find at the brewery. In addition to our standard lineup, we also offer a wide variety of seasonal products, such as fresh sake and aged sake from our cave. 

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