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shimazaki sake brewery shop

Welcome to our store.

Here, we offer a wide range of sake. For example, our high-quality daiginjo sake. This is our representative sweet sake, loved by locals. In addition to our standard lineup, we also offer a wide variety of seasonal products, such as fresh sake and aged sake from our cave. We also have liqueurs made from local fruits, fruity and floral sake such as plum wine, yuzu wine, and strawberry wine.

In addition to sake, we carry a variety of non-alcoholic products, such as our original snack cream cheese with sake lees, sake flavored baumkuchen, and Ama-zake which is a sweet, nutritious non-alcohol sake made only from rice and rice malt.

If you would like to sample our premium sake, we can arrange a special tasting course in our VIP room. Sales staff are available to discuss pricing. 

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