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Heather Brewer

A selection of monuments near Tokyo (Kusatsu city travel guide)
A view of a selection of bread in Kinkado Shoten Bakery near Tokyo (Kusatsu city travel guide)
Photo by: Heather Brewer
A night time view of Sainokawara Park near Tokyo (Kusatsu city travel guide)
Photo by: Heather Brewer
Photo by: Heather Brewer
People performing the Yumomi in kusatsu
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About Heather
Heather Brewer is an Expat wife who, with her husband and two kids, moved from Ohio, US to Utsunomiya City in 2019. Since then, Heather has fallen in love with ramen and sushi and has become addicted to onsen. Being a huge history nerd, she loves diving into Japan’s rich history in every new place she visits.

Heather's top 5 suggestions nearby Tokyo

(How can I pick only 5??)

What do you do on weekends?

On weekends I love exploring Japan with my family and friends, trying new Japanese recipes to make at home, and I’m always on the search for the best ramen Japan has to offer.

Favorite Restaurant?

It’s impossible to choose just one so…

Ramen: Hananomori – order your ramen with the thin noodles and make sure you order a soft boiled egg as well. Bonus: they have the juiciest karage chicken you’ve ever had.

Sushi: Uobei (my family and I are suckers for those cute trains that bring your orders). Or, for a more sophisticated sushi experience, Tama Sushi off Route 123 in Utsunomiya.

Gyoza: Utsunomiya MinMin

Other Asian: Ichigo India, west side of Utsunomiya Station.

Sweet Tooth? Mother Road has some pretty tasty milkshakes.

Which Japanese cities have you lived in?

I’ve only lived in Utsunomiya city

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