1.THE rice steaming vat

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Visitors looking into the steaming vat at Katayama sake brewery nearby Tokyo

Welcome to the Katayama Sake Brewery. 

Founded in 1879, we use traditional methods to produce small-batch sake with delicate flavors. We hope you will enjoy the brewery tour, which highlights the traditional, manual processes not typical in modern breweries. 

In this room you can find a rice-steaming vat as well as a steamer being used for brewing sake.

Here, we use soft water in the brewing process to produce a sweet and smooth final product. First, the rice is washed and soaked. This process is timed to the second in order to strictly manage water absorption. Then, it is steamed in this vat for an hour. Water absorption, time, and the temperature of the steaming process have a great impact on the fermentation process, so conditions are very strictly controlled.

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