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Numata City is a small city surrounded by beautiful mountains just 2 hours north of Tokyo.

It is known for its giant Tengu masks and the history of when it was ruled by the famous Sanada clan 400 years ago.

It is also home to Fukiware falls and Tanbara lavender park as well as Tambara ski park, which is a ski resort popular with families and beginners.

Numata also has many camping sites and an Onsen (Hot spring) district called Oigami Onsen.

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Meets Numata

Special Interview Article

This month we met with Kimura Yukiko san, from Numata Tourism office, for a friendly chat to learn more about the area.

She shared with us what Numata is famous for, including where to go to enjoy onsen, its Famous Festivals, as well as its crafts, and local sake brewery.

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