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Kuki City

Discover Kuki City

Discover Kuki

In this month’s newsletter, we are featuring ‘Kuki‘ in Saitama Prefecture, only 45 minutes from Tokyo.

Summer is a great time to visit Kuki, as there is the Kuki Chouchin Festival in mid-July, during which huge floats with lanterns parade the city after dark.

Just before this, in mid-June, there is also the Lavender and Iris Festival, where visitors can enjoy the scenery and purchase lavender products.

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Meets Kuki

Staff from Kuki City

Special Interview Article

This month we had a friendly chat with the members of the tourism team within Kuki City Hall’s Kuki Brand Promotion Department, to learn everything about this vibrant city.

They shared with us what Kuki is famous for: its festivals, delicious dishes and hidden gems!

Kuki Chouchin Festival

(One of the largest lantern festivals near Tokyo)
2024 : 12th & 18th July

Praised as one of Kanto’s biggest lantern festivals, the Kuki Lantern Festival is an opportunity for you to forget about your worries and just have fun!

The 7 majestic floats are decorated with mythical dolls during the day and lit up with hundreds of lanterns at night. The thundering taiko drums and powerful performances— that’s the sound of Japanese summer!

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