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Central Nikko is a historical nature resort in the north of Tochigi prefecture about 2 hours from Tokyo and is a great place to visit all year around.

It is famous for the UNESCO world heritage registered temple and shrines. Toshogu Shrine (日光東照宮), Rinnoji Temple (輪王寺), Futaarasan Shrine (二荒山神社), but it also has many other popular places to visit and things to do. For example, eat the local Yuba or visit breweries such as Watanabesahei Sake Brewery!

Nearby Tokyo

Meets "Nikko Kamen"

Special Interview Article

This month, we met with some of the staff at the Mito tourism department for a friendly chat.

They shared what Mito is famous for, its

historical significance during the Edo period along with some other insights. Did you know that Mito is the birthplace of Natto?! 


6 Places to check out on your way to Toshogu Shrine in Nikko!

Central Nikko has so much to offer and just walking from the train station to the famous Shinkyo bridge, one could spend a full day alone!

I recently went to Nikko and thought I wanted to share some of my favorite places that I found on the way to Toshogu Shrine. From local craft, great places to eat, and what to watch out for there is a little bit for everyone…

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Upcoming Events 2023

In Nikko!

Free Online Session

A Chat with Locals 2 'Mashiko special'

Join us for the second edition of “Chat with Locals Vo.2”  for a special event as we will take you on a virtual tour of the hidden gems in Mashiko town!

Discover local restaurants serving delicious dishes, immerse yourself in the rich culture of pottery museums, and learn about the art of sake brewing. Don’t miss this opportunity to get a taste of Japan from the comfort of your own home!

And that’s not all! We will be holding a lucky draw at the beginning and end of the event, where you could win a special gift from Mashiko town. RSVP now and be a part of the experience!

When: 16th of February 2023 at 8 pm (JST)

Let us know if you can join us and RSVP here 😉

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