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Sharks at Aqua World in Oarai

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Oarai town is a small fishing village located just 2 hours north of Tokyo and it is well-known with foodies for its excellent seafood, a great place to go surfing, its beautiful beaches and much more! There is plenty to discover in Oarai. Aqua World is a popular sightseeing spot with its huge shark tank. Anime lovers might recognise it from the series “Garu Pan” short for Girls and Panzers, with the main characters visible all over town and of course nothing beats a walk by the Coast…

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What to do in Oarai?

Oarai is a hidden-gem close to Tokyo and there is plenty to do, which makes it a great day trip, whether you visit it by yourself, with friends or with family! As with many of these small towns, renting a bicycle is a great way to get around and there is a bicycle rental conveniently located right at the station, which doubles up as the tourism information centre. Perfect to plan your day. My must-sees include the Aquarium, Kamiiso-no-Torii, Mentai Park, Tsukinoi Sake Brewery and of course the Coastline…. [ continue reading, click here]
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Oarai Destination - Soft cream at Oarai Mentai Park

OARAI YouTube Video

60 sec travel – Enjoy a trip through the seaside town of Oarai in 60 seconds.

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