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William Boehm

Enjoy ramen at Kadoya in Tochigi city
Walk the ruins of Minagawa castle (Tochigi City Guide)
Comfort food at BigBoy
Take in the sights of old Kura warehouses (Tochigi City Travel Guide)
Enjoy eating Takoyaki at Sennari Takōtei​ (Tochigi City Travel Guide)
Enjoy coffee and sweets at Saboh Kuraya (Tochigi City Guide)
Tochigi City during Koinobori season on Uzumagawa river
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About William

Originally from Houston, Texas, in the US, William moved to Japan in 2010. He lived in the Dai-Cho Neighborhood of Tochigi city and worked as a JHS English Teacher for several years. William enjoys competitive weightlifting, brewing beer, and traveling when able. When he is not working, he enjoys gaming with friends, reading, and planting the next season’s crops in his garden.

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What do you do on weekends?

If I wasn’t coaching my student’s athletes or preparing lesson plans, I would often take day trips to the local events and enjoy the festivals, exhibits, and firework displays year-round. You can enjoy parades with elegant decorative floats,  food stalls with every Japanese confection you can imagine. And if you’re lucky, you will get swept up in the local rivalries that pop up when the neighborhood floats square off in friendly competitions.

Favorite Restaurant?

Some of my favorite restaurants are Café High Times (best Hamburger in Japan) and Daidō Ramen Jōnai Shop (best ramen in the area), both in Tochigi city.

Which Japanese cities have you lived in?

I lived in both Tochigi city and Sano City in Tochigi Prefecture during my time in Japan.

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