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Walking around the historical Shinohara Family House (Travel Guide for Utsunomiya History)
Lean Utsunomiya's history at the Utsunomiya Castle Ruin Park (Travel Guide for Utsunomiya History)
Tegesan Fudoson (Travel Guide for Utsunomiya History)
Visit Matsugamine Catholic Church made by Oya stone (Travel Guide for Utsunomiya History)
An Ancient Village in Utsunomiya (Travel Guide for Utsunomiya History)
See historical Japanese swords at Futaarayama Shrine (Futawarasan Shrine) - Travel Guide for Utsunomiya History
Eating the best ramen in Utsunomiya city (Sobayagura)
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About Venice

From flight attendant to youtuber. Venice loves exploring and has been to 20 countries. She has a fascination towards Japanese culture and moved to Japan two years ago with her husband. She now makes videos about her travel experiences around the country.

Venice's top 5 suggestions nearby Tokyo

What do you do on weekends?

I explore local attractions in Japan, mostly in the north Kanto region. I enjoy camping, onsen, and discovering restaurants I could recommend to my fellow travelers.

Favorite Restaurant?

My favorite restaurant in Utsunomiya is a ramen shop called Soba Yaguraya. It is located on the east side of the Utsunomiya JR Station and serves the best “chasu” I’ve ever tried so far.

Which Japanese cities have you lived in?

I’ve lived in Kanuma city and now, in Utsunomiya city since I moved to Japan.

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