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Genki Cafe a place where you can relax and enjoy sports (Tochigi City Travel Guide)
Family picking fruit at Iwafune Fruit Park (Tochigi City Travel Guide)
A sunset view of Ohira Mountain (Tochigi City Travel Guide)
family posing at Yuransen (Tochigi City Travel Guide)
a delicious snack of Torikame fried chicken (Tochigi City Travel Guide)
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About Mike

Mike likes to share his passion and enthusiasm for Japan at any given opportunity. He has lived in Tochigi city for more than four years. When he is not teaching, Mike and his family like to explore the outdoors and enjoy finding new restaurants. He hopes his guides will offer you insight into visiting Japan.

Mike's top 5 suggestions nearby Tokyo

What do you do on weekends?

I like driving around Tochigi and nearby cities exploring.

Favorite Restaurant?

Kua Aina any day! They have the best burgers in the world!

Which Japanese cities have you lived in?


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