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Michael Jameson

Beautiful Otawara Ungan-ji Temple (Travel Guide of Northern Tochigi)
Karaoke kan (Tochigi City) -popular chain of karaoke
Shin Meigu Temple in Tochigi city (Traveller Guide)
A view of the Ginger Museum near Tokyo (Kusatsu city travel guide)
Tochigi city traveller guide by Michael Jameson
Howdy's Cafe - Best Burger in Tochigi city (Local Traveller Guide)
Visiting Shikanoyu onsen in Nasu (Local Travel Guide of Nasu)
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About Michael Jameson
Michael has lived in Japan for over six years and has lived in several areas. He first came as a traveler and has come to appreciate the wide variety of places to visit in Japan.

Michael's top 5 suggestions nearby Tokyo

What do you do on weekends?

I can be found at the onsen or eating at many of the delicious restaurants around Tokyo.

Favorite Restaurant?

Howdy’s Cafe in Tochigi City

Which Japanese cities have you lived in?

I have lived in Maebashi, Tochigi and Tokyo.

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