Planning to visit Japan and spend a few days exploring outside TOKYO?

We’ve got you sorted.

I’m Angus. I’m here to help you visit some amazing ‘off the beaten path’ destinations while in Japan.

After growing up just north of Tokyo, I spent over a decade living in London, UK. During that time, I worked on a tourism project where I realised that there were many undiscovered ‘hidden gems’ near Tokyo, especially around the area where I was from.

Hence I started Nearby Tokyo, a website to showcases these authentic destinations north of Tokyo.

Like travel blogs, Nearby Tokyo’s mission is to see a destination from a vititors prospective and help visitors like yourselves discover less known locations & experiences making your trip to Japan more interesting. However, what makes us standout is the relationship we have with the locals. Tourisum boards in the area know we understand their destinations well and regulaly ask us to speak at local seminars and workshops to help the locals offer better service to overseas visitors.

This ongoing relationship with locals means we have access to a lot more information and have a deeper understanding of the destinations than a travel blogger just visiting the area.

The Dreamer
(Dreaming about visiting Japan one day)

You likely don’t have set plans for your next holiday in Japan, maybe you watched a programe or read an article and are intreged about visiting Japan someday for the first time.

If this is you, start by looking at the different activities you can do nearby Tokyo.

Whether it is seeing the best Sakura Cherry Blossoms in Japan or Skydiving from 4,000 feet, we hope we can inspire you to visit ‘Nearby Tokyo’.

The Planner
(Planning your next visit to Tokyo)

Maybe it is your first time or maybe you are a regular in Japan. Mostlikely, you will be staying a few nights in Tokyo.

We want to make your trip not just about skyscrapers, temples and overcrowded streets. We want you to meet the people of Japan and have a fun authentic experience.

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  3. For trip ideas make sure to check out our the suggested itineraries.
The Traveler
(Currently staying in Tokyo)

You’ve arrived in Japan. It’s been a great trip so far and plan to stay in Tokyo for a few more nights.

You’ve seen a geisha in the busy street of Kyoto, climed the Tokyo Tower, watched people cross the most busiest pedestrian crossing in the world. (Shibuya,Tokyo) and had the most amazing Ramen noodles. Now is the time to experience something not so touristy.

Maybe you are looking for a nice Onsen to relax in or want to serch for an unforgetable festival to visit such as the UNESCO registered outdoor kabuki festival in Nasukarasuyama.

  1. Search the ‘Top Events’ caledar to see what is on near Tokyo
  2. Check the ‘Top Experiences’to see what else is available
  3. Have a look at suggested itineraries to make the most of your trip
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