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Family Travel Guide of Tochigi Prefecture
by Nick Harrison

About this Family Travel Guide of Tochigi Prefecture

This Family Travel guide of Tochigi prefecture was created with families in mind. I have entertained many of my friends’ families visiting Tochigi over the years and have compiled a number of things which they all thoroughly enjoyed. I hope you make some awesome memories!

Who is this travel guide for?

This family travel guide is aimed towards families wishing to do something together and that is child friendly in Tochigi Prefucture.

Total budget?

¥8,000 – ¥10,000 per person

Visiting Edo Wonderland - Family Travel guide of Tochigi


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Make this a priority!

Edo Wonderland

This is where I fulfilled my fantasy of experiencing what it was like during the time of Samurais & Ninjas. At Edo Wonderland, you can enhance your experience by paying to cosplay as a Ninja, lone samurai, a Shogun or even a farmer! Don’t miss the Ninja show. The martial arts are incredible! My 4-year-old son loved it so much that Disneyland is now a distant memory. There’s plenty for adults and kids to enjoy. I’m now excited to go back again!


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A trip down memory lane

Mibu Toy Museum

The Mibu Toy museum is fun for all! For children, they can enjoy a ball pit with slides as well as a lot of toys to play with within several rooms. The parents and even grandparents can also enjoy seeing toys from when they were young. My father felt very nostalgic, noticing toys he played with as a child and reminiscing on memories he forgot he had.


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Enjoy Mibu Toy Museum with your whole family
Tochinoki Family Land - Family Travel guide of Tochigi


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Fairground Family Fun

Tochinoki Family Land

This is a hotspot for families. There is a wide range of attractions for all ages. You can buy a one day pass (¥2,000) at the entrance, allowing you to enjoy the attractions again and again. They also have snack foods for sale, which is very convenient. Throughout the year, they also have events like circus performers at no extra cost. If you find yourself exhausted from the rides, there is a large park close by, perfect for cooling down. Tochinoki Family Land is open every day from 10 am – 5pm. Closed on Tuesdays and rainy days.


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Swing into action

Ohira Forest Adventure

If your family loves a bit of outdoor fun, then we have you covered! Ohira Forest Adventure is an exceptional experience in Tochigi. There are several different courses for children from the age of 9 to join. Explanations are made simple and easy to follow. I love zip lining though the bamboo trees and the exhilarating Tarzan swing! Since living in Tochigi I have always made it a priority to take family and my friend’s families here!


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Ohira Forest Adventure - Family Travel guide of Tochigi
My favorite places to eat in Tochigi Prefecture

Mother Road

Based in Utsunomiya city, don’t miss this hamburger restaurant. It is extremely popular and word has spread about how good this place is, so I suggest either arriving 30mins before opening or be prepared to wait. They have American style milkshakes and even sell takeout donuts.

 Location : Google Map


1cafe is located just a short walk from Tochigi city station. The reason I recommend this is its convenience. If you are about to head out on a long day of sightseeing and need a quick breakfast or caffeine fix, 1Cafe is here to help. They also sell a variety of delicious bagels and an assortment of drinks to accompany it. 

Location : Google Map

Itinerary (My other ideas for a day trip)







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Local writer:  Nick Harrison

Originally from London in the UK, Nick moved to Japan in 2008. He lives in Tochigi city with his Japanese wife and 4year old son. Nick enjoys watching movies from all genres, checking out new attractions and places with his family and meeting new people. When he is not working, he enjoys travelling around Japan and looking for the next fun thing to share about Japan with the world.

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