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Local Travel Guide of Maebashi city
by Nick Harrison

About this Travel Guide of Maebashi City

I wrote this Maebashi City Travel Guide for those staying a few days day in this small prefectural capital of Gunma. 

Who is this travel guide for?

If you want to experience every day Japan like most Japanese people do, and are tired of the typical stereotyped images of Japan such as Geishas, Ninjas, gleaming Skyscrapers or even Giant Gundams, then this travel guide is for you. This area has one of the highest car owning populations of all of Japan so it’s easier to get around if you have access to a car. 

Total budget?

¥2,000 per person

Luna park in Maebashi city (Maebashi City Travel Guide)


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One for young families

Luna Park

Luna Park is a mini attraction park catering for children aged 4-10. It has a retro feel with old fashioned rides and amusements. Therefore families from all over Japan come to visit and revel in its retro atmosphere. Tickets for each ride are needed but can be bought as a book and are not expensive. Cost: ¥1,000

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Take in the view

Gunma Observation Deck

A visit to Gunma`s tallest building, the Prefectural Government City skyscraper. Head to the top floor to enjoy fab views of the surrounding city and countryside, and check out the famous mountains in the distance. Above all, from up high you can appreciate how it towers above everything. Before heading down check out the diorama and small tourist information center on ideas on where to go. Cost: Free

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A view from the Gunma Observation Deck (Maebashi City Travel Guide)
Rinkokaku in Maebashi City (Travel Guide)


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Feel the history


Situated in Maebashi Park, visit Rinkokaku, a historic grand building. Its main building was built as a guesthouse in September 1897 with the tea room completed in November 1897. The building is now used as a museum and for exhibitions. As a result, it has also been used as a filming set for historical dramas. Cost: Free 

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Preserving the Past

Maebashi City
Museum of Literature

Japanese poet and Maebashi resident Sakutaro Hagiwara is celebrated in modern Japanese poetry. The Museum has a dedicated exhibition space to his articles, poems and letters on the second floor. Also, there is an exhibition space for various kinds of events and projects and a reading room. After that, there is a small souvenir shop on the ground floor. Cost: ¥700

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Visiting Maebashi City Museum of Literature
My favorite places to eat in Maebashi City


Best ramen in Maebashi city (Chicken Ramen Shokaku by Gunma University)

You are spoilt for Japanese restaurants here in Maebashi with plenty of choices, catering to all tastes. Gunma people love their meat and love big portions, with minimum cost. So picking a Japanese restaurant is a tough choice, certainly if you like your ramen, then Chicken Ramen Shokaku by Gunma University is the one to go for. Popular with students and locals alike, this restaurant is quick service, cheap and tasty, quick in and quick out. To sum up, I would recommend the Char Sui pork ramen, loads of chunky pork, big noodles and not too much soup!   Location (Google)

Western / Other

Delicious chicken dishes at Grill Sango in Maebashi city

In Japan, many restaurants serve Japanese-western style food. Often accompanied by rice, miso soup and pickles, with a Japanese twist. Open on certain days, Grill Sango is a faded Showa era restaurant offering an authentic home-cooked meal. The owners are a retired elderly couple, but they cook hearty western meals pretty much all under 1,000 yen. My wife loves Hamburg (cooked minced meat formed into a patty with demiglace sauce), while I love the deep-fried Porkchop and my son loves the Chicken. Also, all meals come with salad, fruit, a coffee for adults, and juice for the kids. Handy tip: take along your mobile and use google translate to check out the menu, and be patient if it’s busy. Location (Google)

Itinerary (Ideas for a day trip)







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Local writer:  Nick Harrison

Originally from London in the UK, Nick moved to Japan in 2008. He lives in Tochigi city with his Japanese wife and 4year old son. Also Nick enjoys watching movies from all genres, checking out new attractions and places with his family and meeting new people. In addition when he is not working he enjoys travelling around Japan and looking for the next fun thing to share about Japan with the world.

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