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Local Travel Guide of Tochigi City for the relaxed traveller
by Michael Jameson

About this Local Travel Guide of Tochigi City for the relaxed traveller

I wrote this Tochigi City travel guide as I used to live in Tochigi and would often have friends come and visit me. This guide features a lot of the key spots I would take them when they visited me.

Who is this travel guide for?

This local Tochigi City travel guide is aimed for those who want to experience Tochigi city and don’t mind a bit of walking.  

Total budget?

¥3,000 – ¥6,000 per person

Tochigi city traveller guide by Michael Jameson


Enjoy when

Make friends with ginger

Iwashita New Ginger Museum

How can a ginger museum be interesting? This place has managed to pull it off and is far more entertaining than it has any right to be. You will learn all about ginger, one of the traditional foods of Tochigi city, as well as everything possibly slightly related to ginger. You’re sure to have a good time here, and on your way out, there is some fun ginger-themed merchandise available for purchase.

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A taste of Japan

Shin Meigu Temple
As you explore Tochigi city, you may find a cute little park in the middle of the city. It’s a small place, but a perfect place to bring a picnic. It has a beautiful Japanese temple, an ideal place to take some photos, and a small bird zoo. Some of the feather creatures may even start a chat with you! There is also a small pond where you can watch the carp swim around.

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Shin Meigu Temple in Tochigi city (Traveller Guide)
Yura no sato (onsen)- Tochigi city Traveller Guide


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Relax in a traditional Japanese bath

Yura no sato
After walking around the city, there’s nothing better than relaxing in a traditional Japanese hot spring. If you’ve never been to one, it’s quite simple. After you enter, you take your shoes off and go to reception and ask to use the onsen. You’ll be given a wristband to purchase anything from the restaurant and vending machines. The atmosphere is so relaxing you’ll probably be here for a while.

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Sing the night away

Karaoke kan
To get the most out of your day, come here to sing the night away! There is a wide selection of drinks, food, and all your favorite songs from the modern classics to the golden oldies. You can also rent a costume or simple musical instruments. If you made some local friends during your trip, why not invite them along too! You don’t need to speak the same language at karaoke.

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Karaoke kan (Tochigi City) -popular chain of karaoke
My favorite places to eat in Tochigi city


Meeting locals at Entenka Izakaya bar in Tochigi (Tochigi City Travel Guide)

If you want to mingle with the locals and see how people in small towns spend their evenings, you can’t go wrong with Entenka. Great food and friendly staff and even friendlier customers, everyone’s willing to talk and have a laugh. I use to go at least several times a week when I lived nearby, and I always had a great time.

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Western / Other

Howdy's Cafe - Best Burger in Tochigi city (Local Traveller Guide)

This is a charming, family-owned restaurant. All the food is freshly made to order. There’s a wide range on the menu, but by far the best is their signature dish of Howdy’s Burger. I’ve taken many friends to this restaurant, and they all agree these are some of the best burgers they have ever tasted.

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Itinerary (Ideas for a day trip)







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Michael Jameson

Local writer:  Michael Jameson

Michael has lived in Japan for over six years and has lived in several areas of Japan. He first came as a traveler and has come to appreciate the wide variety of places to visit in Japan.

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