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Local Travel Guide of Tochigi city
by Mike Okute

About this Travel Guide of Tochigi City

I put together this travel guide of Tochigi City with a focus on people who like the outdoors but more so on how to enjoy the city with your family. It is a guide aimed at anyone looking to enjoy this majestic city. 

Who is this travel guide for?

This travel guide of Tochigi City is for all people who want to experience Tochigi, but mainly geared towards nature enthusiasts who crave for outdoor activities. 

Total budget?

Flexible. You can customize your itinerary based on your budget. 

A sunset view of Ohira Mountain (Tochigi City Travel Guide)


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Stairway to Heaven

Ohira Mountain

At the edge of Tochigi city is Mt. Ohira (Ohira-san), a hill 340 meters high. It offers a great view of the city and its surrounding. On a clear day, you can see Mt. Fuji from the viewpoint. Many shops sell local snacks. My favourite is “Dango”. Atop the hill is a shrine believed to be 2,000 years old. You can either take the steps from the foot of the mountain or drive up. In early summer, hydrangeas bloom along the steps offering a breathtaking view.

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Boat Ride at Uzumagawa.

Uzumagawa is the central vein of the city. It’s what gives the city its life. Take a stroll along the river and take a boat ride. It’s a short journey that lasts about twenty minutes. You will come out feeling like a wood merchant on one of his trade trips, or better yet, as a Samurai lord on his way to Toshogu Temple in Nikko. I highly recommend the boat ride as you will learn a lot about Tochigi city.

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family posing at Yuransen (Tochigi City Travel Guide)
Family walking along uzuma river by the kura warehouses (Tochigi City travel Guide)


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Experience Edo Era Culture


Take in the sights along Kura no Machi. During the Edo era Tochigi city was a major trading centre and stopover station for those travelling to and from Nikko. Kura no Machi served as the main street hosting many warehouses known as “Kura”. The rich history and architectural masterpieces are still preserved and some “Kura” are now small shops and cafes! The street is best explored on foot as you can sample the cafes and admire the traditional architecture. Why not hire hire a kimono from Yokoyama Culture Hall for a memorable experience.

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Fruit Picking

Iwafune fruit park

If travelling with kids, or you love fruits, then Tochigi city has you covered. Fruit picking is available all year and is a great way for children to learn how fruits are cultivated. Strawberries are in season from Dec-April, and other fruits such as grapes and pears are available during the summer. I recommend visiting Iwafune fruit park as they offer different fruits during the year. If you need a quick bite, check out their bakery.

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Family picking fruit at Iwafune Fruit Park (Tochigi City Travel Guide)
My favorite places to eat in Tochigi city


a delicious snack of Torikame fried chicken (Tochigi City Travel Guide)
Tochigi city offers a mix of both local and international restaurants so you can choose from a wide range of dishes. For local cuisine, I recommend Torikame. They have the best juicy Karaage (Japanese fried chicken) in town. It feels wrong to call this “just fried chicken” as it has so much flavour that is guaranteed to entice you to come back again and again. It’s perfectly paired with rice which you can also buy here and great for taking it with you and your family as a packed lunch.    
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Western / Other

Genki Cafe a place where you can relax and enjoy sports (Tochigi City Travel Guide)

Genki cafe is a very welcoming restaurant. The owner is extremely friendly and loves meeting foreigners. As for the menu, there is so much to choose from, including both Japanese and Western dishes. It also has a large screen projector that displays big sporting events. Make sure to drop by Genki cafe if you are in Tochigi city during a World cup or any other big sporting events and experience the way the Japanese support their country and teams. Location: Google Map

Itinerary (Ideas for a day trip)







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Mike Okute ready for another journey

Local writer:  Mike Okute

Mike likes to share his passion and enthusiasm for Japan, and Tochigi city at any given opportunity. He has lived in Tochigi for more than four years. When he is not teaching, Mike and his family like to explore the outdoors and enjoy finding new restaurants within Tochigi city. He hopes this guide will offer you insight into Tochigi City.

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