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Local travel guide of Tochigi City
by William Boehm

About this Local Travel Guide of Tochigi City

After living in Tochigi city as a teacher, my dream is to return with my friends and family to share the best the city has to offer. In this guide, you get a backstage pass to the tastiest treats, most beautiful vistas, and everything in between that this city has to offer.

Who is this travel guide for?

This local travel guide of Tochigi City is for those who want a little adventure and to get a real look at what you can see and do in the city year-round.

Total budget?

¥3,000 – ¥5,000 per person

Take in the sights of old Kura warehouses (Tochigi City Travel Guide)


Enjoy when

The warehouse districts

Biking along the Uzuma River
Enjoy biking along the river that flows through the center of town. Here you will catch a glimpse of the prewar architecture untouched by Allied bombing during WWII. You will also see the main wildlife attraction of the river, its large multicolored Carp. Biking along the river to work every day was always a highlight of my time here.

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A sweet stop by the river

Saboh Kuraya

After viewing the architecture and wildlife, it’s time to treat yourself! Saboh Kuraya is a local coffee shop along the river. I recommend paring your beverage with some of the sweeter things on the menu, such as the parfait. Seating is available outside with a view of the river. Perfect for people-watching. Always a place I would meet up with my friends.

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Enjoy coffee and sweets at Saboh Kuraya (Tochigi City Guide)
Walk the ruins of Minagawa castle (Tochigi City Guide)


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Countryside Castle

Ruins of Minagawa

After enjoying the city, it’s time for a taste of the countryside. A short 5 Km ride west are the ruins of a 16th-century Japanese castle. When arriving, take the small trail up the hillside behind the Minagawa community center. This castle had a fascinating and unique design. Built with concentric baileys up the mountainside and offset gates would force any attackers to zigzag back and forth up the hillside. As a student of history, this was one of my favorite lesser-known parts of Tochigi city.

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You gotta try this!!

Sennari Takōtei
On your return trip back to the city, enjoy window shopping on the main street with a plate of Takoyaki from one of the best-known stands in town. Don’t let the idea of octopus throw you. These are breaded balls of deliciousness smothered in awesome sauce. It’s one of the quintessential year-round Japanese street foods. To know a place, you must eat its food. I cannot think of a better shop than this one for that type of experience.

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Enjoy eating Takoyaki at Sennari Takōtei​ (Tochigi City Travel Guide)
My favorite places to eat in Tochigi city


Enjoy ramen at Kadoya in Tochigi city
Kadoya Restaurant (かどや食堂)
Now, as for real food, I recommend a local family shop in the Daicho district. This family-style restaurant is what you expect for this quiet neighborhood. Don’t let the unassuming nature of the place fool you as they are masters of the noodle bowl. I recommend tofu curry.
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Western / Other

Comfort food at BigBoy
Big Boy
Those who are a little homesick and are looking for some comfort food, seek out the Big Boy Statue! Big Boy is a family restaurant located outside the north exit of the Tochigi Train station. An iconic American food chain from the early 20th century, Big Boy has found a home abroad. Here you will find that steak, hamburger, and fried chicken are all on the menu along with assorted side dishes and a drink menu that includes cold beer.
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Itinerary (Ideas for a day trip)







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Local writer:  William Boehm

Originally from Houston, Texas, in the US, William moved to Japan in 2010. He lived in the Dai-Cho Neighborhood of Tochigi city and worked as a JHS English Teacher for several years. William enjoys competitive weightlifting, brewing beer, and traveling when able. When he is not working, he enjoys gaming with friends, reading, and planting the next season’s crops in his garden.

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