Hidesato Festival

秀郷まつり (佐野市)

Come visit the Hidesato festival to watch 'YABUSAME', a form of Japanese horseback archery!


Due to Covid-19, there may be unexpected changes to the event dates and times, so please check before traveling. (See bottom of this page for event organizer's contact details )


2022 : 6th & 7th August (Organizers have yet to confirm the date)

Horseback archery (Yabusame), is usually held on the first day of the festival.


*The dates and times have not been confirmed by the organizer.


Times to be confirmed

*The dates and times are based on 2018 event as the 2019 and 2020 events were canceled due to COVID.


To be confirmed

*All the dates & activities are subject to change due to weather and/or unforeseen circumstances.



How to enjoy Hideasto Festival ?

Take photos

Experience Traditional Japan

Fun for solo travelers or friends

Fun family day out

Enjoy for 2-3 hours

Watch the ⚔️samurai performance of 🏇🏹Yabusame,
Japanese horseback archery!

Have you seen 🏹 Yabusame before? If not, Hidesato festival is not to be missed. Experience Yabusame, which is a traditional form of 🇯🇵 Japanese horseback archery.

The name ‘Hidesato’ comes from one of Japan’s first ⚔️samurai warriors, ‘Fujiwara Hidesato (891-958?)‘.

Every summer, Sano city holds this 🏮summer festival and festival goers are delighted by the 🏹 ‘Hidesato-style Yabusame (horse back archer)’ performance

*Arrive more than one hour in advance to secure a great viewing spot near the front!

What to do nearby Hidesato Festival ?

Eat Ramen (Local speciality)

Visit nearby attractions

・Ashikaga Flower Park
・Traditional town of Tochigi
Daiichi Sake Brewery

Go shopping at the outlet mall

Visit Mt. Karasawa

Explore more of Sano City

Online guide to help explore more of Sano city. 

Click to discover more!

How to get to Hidesato Festival

From Tokyo


The festival is held on the south and north sides of JR Sano station. The Yabusame (Japanese horseback archery) is held at Sano City Joutou Junior High school (佐野市立城東中学校) 5 min north of JR Sano station. 


〒327-0846 栃木県佐野市若松町 405)

Sano City Joutou Junior High school

405 Wakamatsucho, Sano-city, Tochigi Pref, Japan 327-0846

By Train

JR Sano Station (JR & Tobu Lines)

Take the Tobu Line (From Tokyo take the Tobu Isesaki line and change to Tobu Sano Line at Tatebayashi) or JR Ryomo Line to JR Sano station.  To watch the Yabusame, exit the north side of the station and walk for about 5 minutes.

By Car

Drive approximately 15 minutes drive from the Tochigi IC on the Tohoku Expressway.

Contact Details (Event Organizer)

For information about this event please contact the Sano City Tourism Department.

Tel: +81 0283-27-3011

Email (Sano city) : link


Japanese Event Website  (External Link –  It’s an old site, but photos will give you an idea of the festival.)

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