Discover Tochigi City

Step back into Edo period Japan

Discover Tochigi City

Step back into Edo period Japan

How to get around? (click)

Most attractions in the city center are mostly a short walk from Tochigi station. However, if you want to go further, you can hire a bike or take a taxi from the station. There are also local busses that will take you outside the city center towards Mt. Ohira.

What should I do? (click)

Why not rent a kimono and experience some traditional activities after taking a short boat ride up and down the river? If you like art, Tochigi city was home to a famous Ukiyo-e artist called Utamaro, so the museums have regular Ukiyo-e exhibitions. Tochigi city also has some fantastic festivals, so make sure to check those out as well!

When is the best time to go? (click)

You can enjoy Tochigi city’s activities and museums all year round. If you want to see the beautiful cherry blossoms between late March and early May, the gorgeous hydrangeas from mid-June to early July, or the pretty autumn leaves, also try to visit Mt. Ohira (20 min by car). Grape picking in August is also popular near the mountain. Autumn is also when the famous Tochigi Utamaro Festival and the Tochigi Autumn Festival are held in the city center.

Where can I get more info? (click)

For more information online, check out the following websites
-Official Tourist Information (Japanese)
-Tochigi local information (English)
-Book an activity in Tochigi city(English)
When in Tochigi city, drop by the tourist office. (Tel +81-282-25-2356 Add: 14-1 Yamato-cho, Tochigi-shi)

How to get to Tochigi city? (click)

The easiest way to get to Tochig city is to catch the limited express train from Asakusa Station in Tokyo. The journey takes around 70min. There are also four limited express (2 x JR & 2x Tobu) trains a day that leave from Shinjuku Station in Tokyo.

For train times check this english site. (external)

Japan Transit Planner

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