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Become a contributor and 'write' for us!

Do you have a passion to travel and have visited North Kanto region (Tochigi, Saitama, Ibaraki, Gunma prefectures) in Japan?

If so, why not write for is a website that provide hard to find information for overseas visitors who want to go visit ‘off the beaten track’ places, festivals & events around this region.

What kind of guest posts are we after?

  • Travel articles (extended itinerary) about your trip to North Kanto region (must have a least one night there).
  • Your experience of visiting a festival, a particular tourist attraction or an accomodation in the North Kanto region.
  • The most instagrammable or beautiful places you visited in the North Kanto Region
  • Ideas and tips you think overseas visitors should know before traveling to Tokyo or North Kanto Region
  • Travel passes or discount passes you used in the North Kanto region (except the All Japan JR Pass)
  • Your experience of visiting a particular part of North Kanto region in a partikular season. (i.e. Autumn leaves of Nikko)
  • Amazing food you tasted in North Kanto region Extraordinary/wonderful experiences in North Kanto region


*We have four blog categories ‘Must see/Must do (Articles about a places or activitiy)’, ‘Planning your trip (Articles to help travelers plan their trip)’, ‘During your trip (Articles to help travelers during their trip to Tokyo & Nearby Tokyo)’ and  ‘Useful Tools (Apps or items that make traveling to Tokyo & Nearby Tokyo easier)’

We welcome good quality articles from genuine travel bloggers as well as business that are keen on helping spread the word of what North Kanto regions can offer overseas visitors. (You may apply even if you are a commercial company if your article genuinely helps overseas visitors. However, you may not advertise your product or service in your article)

The benefits of writing for

We can offer exposure for your writing and a link your personal travel blog within a profile at the end of the post. Inside the article you are free to embed your relative instagram posts(without comments) if you would like to do so instead of normal images, but we won’t accept any other links back to your blog or any affiliate links you may have. As each blog post is published we will also introduce your article to our facebook followers with mention of your facebook page so please let us know your facebook page when applying.

Do you have any guidelines to follow?

The post must be over 500 words. Ideally more than 850 words and the title to be discussed with us.

The article needs to be well written, travel-related, 100% original and not have been posted anywhere else.

If supplying photography, this must also be high quality and original and not infringe on anyone’s rights. As mentioned above we can embed your instagram images if you prefer to show photos that way.

Take it a step further and become a Nearby Tokyo Ambassador!

Are you interested in helping rural areas in the North Kanto region attract overseas visitors and help the local economy?

Most communities in the North Kanto region (where we call Nearby Tokyo) , have a declining population and tourisum is an important factor in keeping the community young and vibrant.

As a Nearby Tokyo Ambassador you will be contributing to the local community

How to be a Nearby Tokyo Ambassador?

Step 1:  Become a Contributor

Step 2:  Post a minimum of one article a year on

Step 3: Follow our facebook page or Instagram page

Step 4:  Comit to becoming a judge for the North Kanto Inbound Awards or visit North Kanto region (Tochigi, Ibaraki, Saitama & Gunma prefecture) at least once a year.

What am I expected to do as a Nearby Tokyo Ambassador?

We expect a Nearby Tokyo Ambassador to bring attention to this region through step 2-4 above and share our contents when seems suitable for him/her.

The benefits of being a Nearby Tokyo Ambassador.

1. You will get a dedicated section on the Nearby Tokyo Ambasadors page to write about your self, add links to your socail media profiles, links to articles you wrote for us, link to one of your websites.

2. You will recieve a box of goodies in the post every year (around spring time)

3. You will recieve exclusive influencer deals (or complimentary offers) from hotels and attractions in the area (limited number)

4. You will recieve priority offers to fam trips to the region.

5. If you live overseas,  you will have a oppertunity to be fetured in the North Kanto Awards programe!

6. Speciall offers or free services from our sponcers when available. (i.e. free pocket wifi for your travel to Japan)

Do you have any guidelines to follow?

You will need to follow Step 2  & Step 4 every year.

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